Victoria’s secret


Anti rape force

Die beiden Frauen Rebecca Nagle und Hannah Brancato, Gründerinnen von  Pink Consent,  hacken die PR-Strategie von Victoria’s Secret:

„Then we loved styles that were all about rape culture. Now we love styles that are all about consent! Catch the changes hitting stores this holiday season.“

'No Means No' underwear

‚No Means No‘ underwear

Victoria's Secret Fashion show 2012

Victoria’s Secret Fashion show 2012

Pink loves consent website

Pink loves consent website

„Why does PINK love CONSENT? Because PINK loves pleasure. And PINK loves power. And we believe that sex should be empowering and pleasurable for all people! On top of stopping you from having great sex, not communicating can lead to unwanted sexual experiences.“

No Vagina is a sure thing! Ask first!

No Vagina is a sure thing! Ask first!

Anti rape force

Anti rape force


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