THE GREAT small: Gender Design Conference 2014 Hong Kong

International Gender Design Network

The international Gender Design Network (iGDN), an organization consisting of design practitioners and design scholars around the world, is set to hold its second annual conference in Hong Kong on 10 & 11 October 2014. With the aim of facilitating exchange and critical discussion on the topic of gender and design, the conference will explore questions of gender awareness in design disciplines and practice. The conference targets designers, researchers, and members of the public worldwide.

The GREAT small Gender Design Conference will examine how gender is implicitly embedded in both our designed environments and design practices by using interdisciplinary approaches. Participants will share insights on how designers can tackle social responsibility and can empower consumers, audiences, and users in their interaction with one another. In hopes of transcending the binary thinking and essentialism prevalent in the design tradition, the conference will feature keynote speeches, roundtables, and workshops, thus shedding light on the multiple and fluid options located at the interface between gendering and designing, and on what the future holds for innovation, research, and practice.

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